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A place to BE

A place to BE

Introducing Dezy and Clare’s Ireland Unplugged

Matters ‘not a whit’ whether you are champion of the morning sock throwing contest. Nor does it bother a soul if you’d rather gaze at an exhilarating sunrise than close your eyes and meditate with us. In fact it makes ‘divil a bit of difference’ if you decide to stay in bed through all that – because, whatever your choices, when Clare serves you an Irish breakfast in a setting that is sure to make your heart sing, you’ll know why you came.

How you totter between Slea Head or the hills over Allihies or the Healy Pass or Derrynane (the home base) for your idea of the “best views in the feckin universe” is of small tramadol consequence. And whether you or your new found friends are the greater experts on the Dark Sky (a million stars) counts for nothin’ because you didn’t come here to be the best at anything.
You came to BE …
That natural peace, the seduction of the low whistle in F, the rhythm of the bodhran, the stories and the funny songs – in this land everything touches your soul.
You didn’t come to be the first or the fastest or to tick something off your busy bucket list. You came to BE
And this is the place for it.

Early booking is highly recommended as group sizes are limited.
No big coaches – because the greatest moments are on the smallest roads.
And we’ll take you there.

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