About Us

How we began

"Show us the Real Ireland" was a frequent request from Dezy's fans.

Dezy Walls had been entertaining thousands of tourists in Kinsale, and as he toured the USA performing in house concerts all over, meeting his fans, so the idea took root. Many of these fans had toured Ireland on their own but felt they had missed a lot by sticking to guidebook recommendations and "tourist traps". The constant refrain was, "Show us the Real Ireland". Thus in 2009 we began showing off the hidden gems of South West Ireland to small groups of kindred spirits.

In 2013 after hosting a group of 23, it was unanimously agreed that being based in one spot was ideal. Through friends and madness we stumbled upon the home that is now Thidwick Bed and Breakfast in Derrynane, the very best spot on the Ring of Kerry. It is from here that we head out for each day's adventure, and when we return in the evening, the excursion continues.

The word continues to be spread through friends of friends of friends…

Songs by Dezy - for Ireland

  1. The Blue Hour Dezy Walls 3:32
  2. It Never Rains in Ireland - Live at the White House, Kinsale Dezy Walls 4:09

Some Happy Tour Groups – to give you an idea