We love showing off the Ireland we know best, and hearing how others experience it is pure joy.

Here’s what others have to say:

We all have such fond memories of our visit to Ireland. You went above and beyond our expectations. June 2019

Nanette Koepnik

“Clare organized a brilliant week-long expedition on the Ring of Kerry tailored for our party of six. Clare and Dezy gave us guidance on the local favorite restaurants and out-of-the way attractions. Her local driver is a true gem of a tour guide and story teller as he and Clare took us through some back roads and locales that included the must-see sites as well as the unusual.
We chose the dates to coincide with the charming Small Roads Theater Festival in Kenmare.
For breakfasts Clare took care of our gluten-free needs, and gave us a hearty base on which to start a full day of hiking, driving, and experiencing the ancient and recent history.
We sincerely recommend Thidwick to anyone seeking a personal, homey Irish experience that you just won’t find on a large tour bus or large city.” October 2019

Tom Fisher

Ireland… it’s on almost everybody’s bucket list, and with good reason.


My trip with Dezy and Clare last year was magical.  They were the perfect hosts/guides for me.  I’d never gone with a tour group before, but I never felt limited or pressed for time.  They were open to listening to us and wisely built fudge time into the schedule so that everyday was a wonderful adventure.  We had comfy accommodations, a stupendous driver for those narrow, twisty Irish roads, and – best of all – Clare and Dezy are locals who know well the area, the culture, the politics, the golf, the cuisine, and the music.  You won’t kiss the blarney stone, but you will see poetry being served up alongside pints in Listowel.  Isn’t that the Ireland you really wanted to see anyway?

Danielle Barriga
pat and jean

History, food, fun and song – it was all given to us in full measure. We became Irish men. What a beautiful place. [Pat and Jean L. Bryanton, Maryland]

Pat and Jean L. - Maryland
the zwebers on ireland unplugged tour

We just returned from two weeks in Ireland, including the ten-day Ireland Unplugged tour with Dezy and Clare, and we had such a wonderful vacation!!

The photos from their B&B overlooking the coast cannot capture the true scope of the views from the place. You have gorgeous sunsets overlooking islands and shore and even watching the tide roll in and out from the beach below is a delight to see. All this, with yummy traditional Irish breakfasts prepared by Clare and private rooms and baths, is so relaxing, even before you tour the countryside with Dezy at the wheel.

We saw spectacular view after spectacular view from the southwestern peninsulas of Ireland. We traveled roads with grass growing down the middle to the peaks of the real mountains of Ireland, walked the beaches, traversed hiking trails near waterfalls, and saw several picture-perfect towns along the way. With Dezy’s knowledge of the country and roads, the road trips were great fun and definitely not the stultifying drone of big tour buses prone to stopping at tourist traps–instead, we stopped at an array of authentic sites and were able to really immerse ourselves in the culture.

Plus, Dezy and Clare arranged for us to see exceptionally talented musicians, including Dezy himself!!

And, we explored an array of pubs and restaurants, enjoying great seafood and other local treats, and I had time to shop for several unique treasures to bring home.

This is not a sedentary vacation but an enlightening and invigorating one with Ireland Unplugged. Clare and Dezy arranged a variety of options for us to explore and included “down time” to rest and relax at the B&B as well.

They even arranged a side tour for us as we were arriving early. That was the only downside of the trip, which is that we felt we needed to see the Aran Islands and did a separate tour of the biggest island and it was not as enjoyable as the tours of SW Ireland that Dezy and Clare led. However, they did locate a true expert on the Burren region and we had a truly unforgettable experience learning about the flowers and plant and geologic history of that part of Ireland.

So, if you want to see Ireland “unplugged” from big tour buses and tourist traps and you don’t want to take your chances driving on the wrong side of the road and showing up in random towns without the advice of a local to guide you to hidden gems (like the sculpture garden in Sneem or the wood-turning tour near Kenmare), then definitely book with them.

We had a really wonderful time and will definitely plan to come back to explore more of Ireland with them again!!
[Lisa G. Madison Wisconsin June 2015]

This is the stuff myths and legends are born from.

kevin and family

Ha! This is the stuff myths and legends are born from! I sent each of you a disc of my pictures. I hope you laugh at least half as much as I have. It was a great trip. [Kevin Mahoney, Maryland]


This adventure began with a chance meeting in Maryland – of all things looking at a Subaru and the story began. After several days in this beautiful country I can be assured that the Lord has His hand in this journey – “yeah, yeah, yeah”!! Celebrating Pat & Jean’s 40th Anniversary in a quaint Irish Catholic church with a wonderful priest topped off by an Irish blessing was a gift from God. Summarizing what Ireland revealed to me and will be cast in my heart memory for life are:
Green – like an emerald the island is gorgeous
Sheep – various breeds dot the hillsides
Narrow windy roads – breathtaking journeys
Pubs – colorful on the outside friendly on the inside
Excellent food – a variety of fresh fish, lamb and bread (potatoes)
Rings – Kerry was a highlight with magnificent views
Kenmare – our home was charming from all aspects
Music – Irish music warms the heart and with a brew everyone joins in (Dezy was tops), Michael O’Brien and Sean – excellent!
Adventure – for the outdoorsman heart our trip was very memorable with golf and fishing
Castles and churches – a photographer’s dream “brilliant”
We learned to always look for loos – Thanks so much Dezy and Clare for an adventure of a lifetime – May the Lord continue to bless you in your journey. [Billy M. LaPlata, Maryland]

Ireland is green
Ireland is authentic
Ireland is peaceful
Ireland is singing
Ireland is beautiful
Dezy is Ireland
There is no better way to discover Ireland than through the eyes of Dezy. We did in 2013… and fell in love with Ireland![Peter and Bettina K. Germany]


Hello, Dezy and Clare! I hope you are continuing to have a great time in Ireland! I enjoyed myself so much… little vignettes of our trip just pop into my head and I start giggling! Wonderful! Thank you both for being such great hosts! [Elaine M. Milford, Pennsylvania]

Elaine M. - Milford, Pennsylvania

Tom and I had a great time in Ireland with Dezy and Clare in 2009 and 2013 – and we couldn’t recommend a better way to see Ireland. Here’s a unique opportunity to travel with Dezy – an Irish born, singer, songwriter, & entertainer. [Tom and Barrie Z. Waldorf, Maryland]


My tour adventure with Dezy and Clare was wonderful. Our accommodations were lovely. I enjoyed becoming good friends with our house mates, as well as the wonderful group of people that were attracted by Clare and Dezy’s warmth and hospitality. We traveled to destinations with beautiful landscape, and lovely views of wild ocean beaches. The venues for joyful Irish music, carefully selected by Dezy’s keen ear, made for delightful evenings. We experienced the warmth of Irish people, and dined in many lovely restaurants along the way. We had time for options and choices to do as we pleased. In all, it was an amazing tour, to an amazing place, with amazing people.[Nancy S. Portland, Oregon]

ron and anne

Dezy, I think Anne and I would be up for a sept visit about the same length 7 to 9 days. Keep us posted. We had a fabulous time. Tues night with the play and Keanes bar, Michael O’brien and Sean O’conner along with the wonderful group of people you and Clare put together will be great memories that we will always remember. [Ron and Anne E. Estero, Forida]

It was a really “wow” trip for me and a wonderful introduction to a place I have long wanted to go. You and Dezy were great hosts – good companions and wonderful music. [Sylvia A. Madison, Wisconson]

linda and rory

Touring through Ireland with Dezy and Clare, made every day seem like we lived there all our lives. We felt at home, not just wandering tourists. The itinerary was wonderfully thought out and planned. We are ready to go again. [Linda R. Madison, Wisconsin]